Avocado & Caramel Body Butter


Our favourite! 100% natural body butter made from organic Avocado & Shea butter, com- bined with organic Cocoa butter & caramel leaving you with skin soft, subtle and deeply nourished. Lovely… 🙂




This is an absolutely delicious and lovely product…

A 100% natural body butter made from Avocado and Shea Butter combined with Organic Cocoa butter and Caramel.This body butter leaves the skin truly nourished and glowing with a gorgeous natural sheen and smelling of a delicious Caramel aroma.

Our Avocado & Caramel Body is best used after bathing usually in the evening. Just take a good scoop and warm in the hands and massage across the body in upward strokes concentrating on those particularly dry areas. Allow the butter to melt into the skin before wrapping yourself in a big fluffy robe!

Oh and as a quick tip this body butter is also fab rubbed onto bare legs and arms when getting ready to go out and about, to make your skin glow…..just make sure you don’t get it on any delicate fabrics, as it may mark!

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